Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Cleaning Update

Last week, I declared March as Spring Cleaning Month. And since I promised to let you know how it's going, here it is.

Last week was the kitchen. I took down all the plates hanging on the walls and washed and dried them. The plate hangers were dusty as well. They got a thorough washing, too. I vacuumed the ceiling and the walls and then wiped down the walls. I washed the tops of the cabinet doors and the top of the frig. That was on Tuesday.

Friday, I washed the counter tops and back splash, including moving the microwave, etc. to wash down behind. The stove got a good wipe-down, too including that place down under where the stuff all drips. My oven is a wall unit and it's self-cleaning, so I didn't have to do that! Yeah!

The floor also got swept and mopped. You can't tell that now, cause everything is thawing outside and I have 8 little paws to track in all sorts of mud and grass.

This week is Bathroom week. So far, I've washed the towels (but I do that every week) and wiped out the cabinet where we keep the toothbrushes and face cleansers.

Yes, that's it.

Oh yeah, and the mirror. I cleaned the mirror.

But it's been a busy week! I have done other house chores. I'm taking baby steps here, people!

Tomorrow, I will definitely have to get down to business in that bathroom, though. It's more of a mental challenge for me than a physical one. I'm not sure why.

Next week is the Office. Now that will be a task that will need to be broken into many small parts. Because...

While I don't have a lot of junk sitting around the house, papers, mail, stuff, etc. it all ends up in the office. On the desks, filing cabinet, boxes on the floor, in the closet. You get the idea. So it's time to start throwing stuff away. I might even have to have a bonfire over at my sister's to get rid of it all. The shredder would not be able to keep up.

Sorry, no pictures of beautiful Abby this time. And thankfully, no pictures of all my junk!

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palmtreefanatic said...

wow! sounds like a busy week! I feel a bit overwhelmed with my cleaning at this time, BOTH of my kirby hoses are destroyed (sobbing) I REALLY miss them and have for about 2 months now! I ALWAYS vacuumed my kitchen floor with them, couch cushions, etc etc! and now? well we bought a cheap vac WITH a hose to get us by untill we find a kirby place SOMEWHERE to take them too but the hose is SO small! I did manage to vacuum my car bearly since I couldnt stretch the tiny hose to far at all but I think it is pretty good for that item, the rest I feel has to wait! I need nice weather so we can hook up my hose to wash off my 12 trees and and really get some good cleaning...for now I am getting to tackle the kids bathroom, painting the walls white...turning it into a kids bathroom again. I guess...Hubby is annoyed with all the palm trees around, whatever! So have fun cleaning, I will get there eventually!

o! btw, do you still have our twister game you borrowed for the youth sometime back? the kids were asking about it recently...

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