Monday, March 05, 2007

This and That

There's been lots going on here at Shagga's house! Let's see if I can sort it all out for you.

I've started a practice quilt for Abby. I figured I better get my feet wet before the big project starts for the baby.

Side note: we still haven't decided on a name for the daughter to come and I haven't really wrapped my brain around a nick-name for her either. I'm trying to use Mei Mei, which is "little sister" in Chinese but it really hasn't stuck yet. Any suggestions?

Back to the quilt... over a month ago, I bought some remnant purple material to make a lap quilt for Abby. I pieced it together and it's about 2x3. Last week, my mom and I picked up some flannel for the back and the poly-fil and basted it together. My sister mentioned that it soothes her to quilt, so I drew out the designs I wanted and let her start on it for me. I might do some myself, but little stiching doesn't really excite me. When I finally piece together the baby quilt, I think I want to have it machine quilted. We'll see.

I made some more bows this weekend. Now that's a craft I can really get into! I like to see results fast. And anything that involves a glue gun has to be FUN! I'll have to post pictures later.

On Saturday, there was a big birthday bash for my niece and nephew. They turned 16 and 17. I can't believe how much they're growing up! It goes by so fast. You can read all about the celebration here.

I've decided to make March my Spring Cleaning Month. I've planned to make each week a different room of the house. Yes, I know I have more than 4 rooms in my house. But, I'm going with the four that need it the most. This week is the kitchen which includes taking down all the plates on the wall to wash them and cleaning out the frig, etc. If I know I have the whole week and not just one day, maybe I'll be able to get it done without feeling too overwhelmed. I'll let you know how it goes.

And last, but certainly not least, I got lots of squishes in the mail today and posted pictures on the baby quilt blog. Go check them out!

Happy Day to you!!


palmtreefanatic said...

I searched a couple names...american name I kinda liked Janessa means forgiving...
I kinda liked Ling which is chinese
and I love the name ZHEN means precious! Is that great or what...
ok i guess I am getting carried away... I think all little girls should have the name joy for a middle name....why? because thats what they bring us joy right?!!!hehehehehe
well good luck!

Mama Lily said...

Plum Blossom? I guess we already used that for Abby. hmmm. Mei Mei is cute too.

Did you get anything accomplished in the kitchen today? You can post it tomorrow for Tackle it Tuesday.

Mama Lily said...

Have you noticed there are hardly any pictures of my adorable neice on this blog lately, and that is why I tune in you know.....hint hint.