Thursday, September 06, 2007

First Day Of Pre-School

The day has finally come! The day she has been waiting months to arrive!

Abby was so excited. I was afraid there might be tears, but I guess all the preparation paid off. And Mommy didn't cry, either.

With her new teacher

Her favorite thing about the day? The snack was chocolate pudding! Yummy.

The funny part was, she thought that "school" was only for one day and then she was done. I told her, "No, you won't be done with school for several more years!"


cinnamon said...

great pics; she is so cute I'm glad she likes school.

Rachel said...

That was pretty funny. Wait til she's in middle school and you tell her that.

palmtreefanatic said...

awww.she is so sweet! How exciting for her!

Patty's Place said...

she is so cute.she looks so happy to go to school.

Alicia said...

she's so cute! It's cool she's in school now.

Shaunda said...

What s cute pic. She is so pretty and what a great school for her.