Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's A Parade!!!

We live in a town that loves to celebrate. Today's celebration was of children and their pets!

The City Parks and Recreation have a "Pet and Pup Parade" every year. The point is to create a theme for you and your pet and then parade down Main Street. There are prizes given at the end, although I'm not sure what the criterion are. I think you get a prize if you dress up.

Last night, my sister said that Doodle Bug wanted to participate this year, since they now have a "pup" and wanted to know if Abby would be interested. Abby LOVES to dress up, so I thought this would be right up her alley.

However, when it came time to dress-up this morning, she was a little less than enthused. I'm not sure why. She also would not agree to any of the themes I was trying to suggest. "Beauty and the Beast," my personal favorite, was NOT at all agreeable in her mind.

Finally, we started pulling things out of her dress-up chest and trying them on Mrs. N. (our older dog). We put a pink skirt on her and then a ribbon tutu. Billy suggested the fairy wings. We also added a couple beaded necklaces and a tiara.

Abby decided this may be fun after all and agreed to put on her white dress with Minnie Mouse veil. I'm not sure what kind of "theme" this was, but at least they were both dressed up.

There were some cute "themes" parading today: Sonny and Cher (the dog was Sonny) and a sibling group that dressed up as The Wizard of Oz characters (I'm not sure what the pet was -- maybe Toto). Sorry, no pictures of these.

Doodle Bug and her dog Callie dressed as Soccer Players! They were so cute! Here we all are, ready to line up for the parade. Notice the tiara on my head. It didn't last too long on the dog.

Obviously, this parade is a City tradition, because at the head of the parade was the American Legion Color Guard. You can't have a prade without the American Flag!

Here is the offical Parade Banner!

And you can see behind the banner is the Middle School Band. A Marching Band!!! We are official!

And off we go!

Actually, by this point, Abby is so excited to be in a real parade. She marched the entire way! Because that's what you do when you're in a parade. You MARCH!

When she saw the video of herself, she was a little disappointed that you couldn't see her legs very well because of the length of the dress. She wanted to see herself marching!

The rest of the family came out and stood on Main Street to watch the parade go by. The girls had fun waving and marching. Abby and Doodle Bug both got prizes. It was a fun way to spend a beautiful Autumn morning.


Mama Lily said...

I didn't see the picture of the official banner and marching band..... cute pictures

palmtreefanatic said...

You got some nice photos at least! looks like a fun time was had by all!
I only wished Bill would have remembered to bring and use the camera!!! So I never got to see anything:( I guess Jelena and Maddie did well, I guess...

Rachel said...

That's hysterical. I got a big kick out of her 'marching'!

cinnamon said...

how adorable!

Twirl Girl said...

aren't they so cute.