Sunday, September 02, 2007

Abby "Reads" A Bedtime Story

A couple of the blogs I read have a link to a video of a little girl reciting the 23rd Psalm. How precious.

My little one doesn't quote scripture, but she can recite a library book. Take a look.


Mama Lily said...

She did great! My favorite line, "How uncouth!"

cinnamon said...

She's so cute she did great.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful story! Abby did a great job, I especially like her daddy's t-shirt!
Love you all bunches!

Auntie Kathy

Country Girl said...

Abby is so cute. She did very well reciting that book.

Erin Klepper

Marite said...

THIS IS SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE! Marite and I could hardly stand it! our favorite part was 'bless my pajamas', and 'how rude---you have an appalling attitude'! I gotta get that book! heehee
love y'all!---Tanya Bee