Thursday, August 30, 2007

Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned!

About a week ago, during the rainstorm that flooded most of Ohio, we finally had a break in the clouds one afternoon. The dogs had not been out much (or at all) that day as they are scared of the storms.

Side note: if a crack of thunder doesn't wake you up in the middle of the night, a dog standing over you and panting loudly in your face surely will!

Because our Dog Walker recently quit, stating reasons like Soccer, and Cross Country, and Homework -- whatever, I decided that Abby and I could at least walk them around the block a little to stretch their legs and get. out. of. the. house. Did I mention it had been raining for several days?

So we started out and took our familiar path around Sweet-Smelling Flower Blvd. Abby was holding the leash of our least resistant dog (the Mrs.) and took off running down the street. She ran practically the whole way. I and the Mr. came along behind. Somewhere along the way, Abby got tired of holding the leash and gave it to me.

Several minutes later, I thought the Mrs. was stopping to sniff a tree but looked back just in time to see her depositing her waste in the grass. OH, NO!! I had not brought anything with which to pick it up. I hate when that happens and had often told my Dog Walkers to not let that happen.

I quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching. Whew! I didn't think anyone had seen.

But then I noticed what house we were in front of. It was the neighborly family that posts Bible Scriptures on placards in the front lawn.

Today's message was this: "Be sure your sins will find you out!"

Yep! I guess so!


Rachel said...

That is absolutely hysterical. So what did you do?? did you leave it??

palmtreefanatic said...

LOL! SO??? yeah what did you do?
I have often wondered if This sort of thing would happen to me but thankfully not yet! I try to ALWAYS be prepared for all it takes is that 1 time!;)

Mama Lily said...

so funny! I guess you just walked away, eh?? I guess I have that to think about in the near future too.

Anonymous said...

It's always a good thing to have a Wal-Mart bag in your pocket for such a time as this:):):):)

The Downing 5 said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Too Funny! The first day of school we took Lucy (the sheltie) to the bus stop and she kept going to the bathroom (people were out all over) so I had the kids unload one of their bag of supplies so I could have the bag. I cleaned it up and waited for the bus. Then Twirl Girl wants us to walk her to school too. So, I carried that doo around for almost an hour EWWWWW!!!!!