Friday, August 03, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Big Day

My sister's 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration is tomorrow. She's doing a Vow Renewal Ceremony and then a big dinner reception. The past few weeks have been bustling with preparations and the past couple days have been a whirlwind of last minute details.

Our brother and his family came in town on Wednesday as a surprise for her. I wish I had her reaction on video. It was priceless!

So the past few days have centered around talking and food, and playing, and food, and shopping and food and some more food thrown in for good measure.

We took all the cousins to see Ratatouille on Thursday afternoon. It is the first movie that Abby has seen in the theater, which is hard to believe as much as she likes movies. She did pretty good. She got a little bored toward the end. Of course, I was a little bored at the end, as well. As far as Disney movies go, they've done better. The story line wasn't really geared toward children. However, the animation WAS amazing. It totally looked like actual Paris streets and buildings.

How did I get off on a movie review?


Today, we spent lots of time trying to find last minute items, aka -- SHOPPING! And then we had a family dinner and decorated the reception hall.

Tomorrow, we'll be rehersing the morning, getting updos, pictures, singing, partying, etc. and THEN setting up for our church meeting for Sunday morning! Whew! Let's hope our other sister doesn't go into labor during all of it. (She's due anyday now.)

I'll be posting pictures of the grand event sometime in the near future. It's gonna be fun!

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Rachel said...

Well, I didn't go into labor....I'm still sitting here waiting. I'm about to pay someone to get this show started.