Friday, August 10, 2007

State Fair

I LOVE going to the state fair. This affair started when we lived in Dallas and attend the State Fair of Texas every September-October. Big Tex would welcome us with open arms! I love all the livestock, the quilts, jams, preserves of all kinds, the dog trick shows, the butter carving, corny dogs, and just about everything else the fair has to offer.

But not so much the rides. The rides make me ill. Yuck! All that spinning and turning and churning. No, thank you. But I do love a good ferris wheel and there isn't a better ferris wheel (in North America) than the Texas Star! I have many fond memories of gazing at the Dallas skyline from the top of the wheel. Let us pause for a moment of reverant silence.


Since moving to Ohio (sing, "Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle") several years ago, I have wanted to go to the state fair, but never did. We don't live in Columbus, so the trip would require a little more planning than going across town. I usually start asking hubby in April or May about going in August.

I also ask about going to the circus every year, but that hasn't happened either. Maybe next year.

The past couple of years, I have attended our County Fair. That has scratched my fair going itch to some degree. But still, I thought, there must be more.

This year, I learned that my nephew was going to be singing at the State Fair with a big choir. Surely THAT would be my ticket in! I have to go see him sing. Yes, that's it!

Hubby finally agreed to take a day off work to accompany me to the State Fair. We went on Monday, along with Nana, Papa, and Grandmother. And Abby, of course!

Just a little public service announcement for all fair goers: take cash with you. Because Visa is NOT everywhere you want to be, contrary to popular slogans.

Anyway, we did not take in as much of the fair as I would have hoped because having a three-year-old in tow who wants to RIDE, and PLAY, and PET THE ANIMALS, and EAT ICE CREAM tends to limit the visiting of "boring" horticultural displays, and quilts, and jams, etc. And the fact that we saw two choir concerts while there.

Here he is, in some of the different venues at the fair:
Choir Boy

And because now all family outings consist of entertainig the young one, here are a few photos of Abby enjoying the Fair:
State Fair

That alpaca in the top right photo was SUPER CUTE! I loved the little haircut it had: floppy on top and shaved in the middle. I could have taken it home with me. But I'm sure the neighbors would not approve.

And in case you're wondering who that little boy with Abby is, here's the story. On the way to get some ice cream, we saw a street performer doing a show with juggling, spinning garbage can lids, and tricks with a little dog, so we stopped to watch. The guy's last trick was to have his dog jump over six kids. He asked for volunteers and Abby raised her hand. Of course he picked her and so she took her place beside the others. The photo on the bottom left, you can see the dog jumping over and through the hoop. She never did put her head down like she was supposed to. Good thing Lacy jumped high.

Over all, it was a good time. The choir was awesome. They sang songs that I did twenty years ago in choir, so it brought back good memories. And it's always fun watching Abby have a good time. Abby had a blast with the rides and the ice cream.

We did not get any pictures with the ice cream, though, because it melted in 2 minutes. The temperature that day was around 92 but with humity, it felt like 315. Consequently, we spent a small fortune in HUGE ICED TEAS. There was a discount on refills if you kept your cup, so we stopped every 50 yards or so to get more.

We will be attending the County Fair next week, so I hope to get my fill of all the livestock and preserves, et al. Until then, we'll be singing...

Old man Biddle gave me a riddle just the other day,
I guessed it right away, I am glad to say,
The riddle he gave to me, I will give to you--,
And if you think you're smart like me, Let's see what you can do.

(It's) Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle.
Tell me if you know.
Don't you think that's a cute little riddle
Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle
You can find it on the map if you look high and low.
The O's are round, it's high in the middle. O-H-I-O
That's the riddle!
Round on the end and "Hi" in the middle.


palmtreefanatic said...

what a lovely time! I havent been to the state fair in yrs! plan to go to the little fair next week for a short bit!
It was 315 degrees here monday too! the humidity was a killer! I love hot sunshine, but I need to breath! we almost died at Cedar Point;) hehehehe well it is nice now!
Glad everyone had a great time!!!

Mandy said...

Iam so bummed (happy for you....bummed for me!) I've been begging for years to go to the state fair, but I too must always settle for the county one!!! Please help me work on hubby so I can get to the fair next year!!!!! the way...I'm glad you had a great time!!!