Monday, August 20, 2007

I Think I Found My New Hobby

Last week, we went to our County Fair on "Kids Day." We had a lot of fun! We visited all the livestock barns, went through the other exhibits, Abby rode all the size-appropriate rides, and she played a bunch of free games for prizes! Oh, and we had homemade ice cream. And all for $10.50. That's what I call a successful outing!

Click on the collage to enlarge.

This collage was made on my FotoFusion software. Last week, I upgraded to the new "Scrapbook" version. I also downloaded some free digital scrapbook stuff: paper, embellishments, letters, etc. I've been playing around with it some and seeing what it will do. I LOVE the idea of using the elements over and over again and not having to go out and purchase paper, adhesive, stickers, etc. when I run out. Plus, you can re-size anything the way you want it.

So, have any of you tried digiscrapping? I'm hoping to expand my knowledge with some of your expertise! Let me know if you've found any good web-sites or blogs with info.


palmtreefanatic said...

I love your digital scrapbooking! This is so awesome! You are SO good at it too!

Mama Lily said...

If I did this, I would NEVER get away from the computer. It looks great. and like tons of fun.

Mandy said...

I haven't put a picture into a photo albumn since I got married, so all of this is soooo overwhelming!

Patty's Place said...

Hi Linda i just want to tell you that i was happy that you prayed with me sunday.that was the frist time i really pray out load.i didn't know what i was doing.when you said that we are were prayen out lond i was scart.well i'm sorry if some of the word are not spell write.well talk to you later.god bless. patty

Country Girl said...

Hey Linda Thanks for praying with us sunday. I love the pictures of abby. She is so cute and I love how she helps you on sunday mornings. Well talk to you soon. God

Erin Klepper