Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The "wedding" went great! Everyone had a wonderful time. The ceremony was sweet, the food was delicious, and the dancing was FUN!

Here are a few pictures. I'm sure Mama Lily will be posting some more when she comes back from her "getaway" with her renewed hubby.

A few posed pictures before the ceremony.

Here's the whole Lily family. Don't they look great all dressed up? Wow!

Mama and her girlies!
Me and Belle
My brother and his family
And here are a few of Abby (what would a picture post be without one or ten of these?) I rented her dress from Gaga's. She picked it out herself. I love it! So I just had to show the front and the back!
Here is Abby with Grandmother. I took one picture during the ceremony. I was sitting on stage (because Billy and I were singing) and I got this shot. I'm sorry that it's a little blurry.

Mama Lily danced with each of her sons. Here she is with her firstborn.

And Daddy danced with his daughters. And then we cut loose! It was a fun time. Here is JR doing the limbo! How low can you go? Side note: Rachel is still pregnant. Keep praying! She is ready to deliver! And this is what almost 43 years of marriage looks like! How sweet! This was not a posed picture. I caught my parents while they were dancing together.
It was a wonderful celebration of covenant and family! Wish you all could have been here.


Alicia said...

sweet pictures.. looks like yall had a good time..

Rachel said...

Still pregnant but not by this time tomorrow! 6 am is the time!!