Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ice Capades

We decided to go on a little adventure today out to the City Reservoir for a little sledding. Some of the snow we got on Friday was still on the ground but there were a few grassy patches peeking out. We invited cousin Puk Puk to join us.

Billy took these pictures with his phone, so some of them are a little dark.

Here's Abby coming down on our tube.

Trudging back up the hill: Abby carried it all the way by herself!

Sometimes it's fun to go on your belly.

At the top

The reservoir was frozen over. We started breaking up some big chunks along the shore to build an ice castle.

A big hunk, I mean chunk!

Puk Puk and Abby in the Ice Castle.


Mama Lily said...

how fun. I know Puk Puk had a great time. THe castle is super cool!

The Downing 5 said...

That looks like so much fun! You are doing an awesome job of posting...knock it're making the rest of us slackers look bad! Just kidding...but, you are motivating me to get back to posting!

Cinnamon said...

Love the ice castle. How did you guys break off big chunks like that? I'm glad you guys had fun.:)

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! thats amazing! love that ice castle!

Twirl Girl said...

that looks soooooo coo....the ice castle is so BIG how did you get the ice chunks that are so BIG,HUGE,GIANTY!!!!