Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Needs A Shovel?

Here is Billy sweeping the snow away.
I had to document this picture for posterity. It doesn't happen very often. And I'm not talking about the snow! :)


cinnamon said...

Great picture looks like he's having fun.

Anonymous said...

Dear Linda, Billy, and Abby.

Sorry to be so late in answering your blog.

Abby, you really did great in taking pictures, another one of your many accomplishments!

We are doing well, having snow every so often. We had a couple of inches last night, pretty on the trees and everything. It melts off between storms.

I had my last neck therapy Tuesday and my therapist said I am doing well, just have to keep doing my exercises for a while. He was very good, also good in that he gave me his cold! But I am recovering from that just fine. Haven’t had one of those in a long time. I drove myself to therapy for the first time also. Didn’t want to drive until I could turn my head far enough either way to watch for traffic. So now I am running short errands and not very far. Have to build up my strength since I was so inactive for so long.

Dad is still trying to get a fast computer connection. No luck so far. He is downloading your newest blog and taking a while. Cute! Good to see Billy sweeping snow. Our neighbor, Bob, to the north, 90 years old, was also out sweeping snow this morning. I don’t think a broom would work well this morning and he is so slow getting around but at least he can sweep a little snow off!

With love,

Mom and Dad