Monday, November 24, 2008

Apparently, I spoke too soon

When I wrote that last post, the snowflakes had been flurry-ing around for a few days with no accumulation. I was ok with that.

But no sooner than I clicked "publish," my sister said, "Have you looked outside?" And accumulation had begun! We got a few inches that night.

When I woke Abby up the next morning, she looked outside and said, "Winter is here! Can I go out and play?" So, after breakfast, I bundled her up and sent her outside. (Yes, I said "sent" because I don't like to be that cold!)

Here she is after tasting the snow off the fence.
See, even the trees weren't really ready for the snow. The leaves are still GREEN and hanging on!

Poor, cold little leaf. Brrrrrrr!

We finally bought a heavy duty snow shovel on Sunday, because the ones we had last year were worn out. We also bought Abby some new snow bibs. She had finally grown out of the 18 month size she had worn for a couple of years. We're ready for the snow now.


Aunt Kathy said...

I was just wondering how you rake leaves when they fall on top of snow? Will that new shovel take care of leaves and snow??
Love you and Happy Thanksgiving!

palmtreefanatic said...

cool pics, poor leaves!
I like the one with Abby the cold snow never even bothered her? my face would have been frozen!