Sunday, November 30, 2008

Birthday Girl!

This afternoon was Abby's 5th Birthday Party.

Last month, Abby saw another party where all the girls dressed like princesses and so she wanted to do the same for her birthday. I bought her a "Birthday Girl" tiara and had my friend Tina give her an Up-Do.

Tina even sprayed her hair with glitter. Abby looked so glamorous!

Here is Abby with her Doll cake that Grandmother made. (The story of how it got here is a post for another day!)

Abby's friends from school and play-group.

Abby shares her Birthday-day with her Uncle Rob. So, for now, they also share their Birthday Parties. Here's Abby handing Rob one of his presents.
The king and princess presiding over their party.

Last year, when Abby said she wanted one of her Grandmother's doll cakes for her birthday, Rob decided, if she was going to have Barbie, he wanted to have Ken. They look so cute together.
The princess showing off her etiquette: How to lick ice cream off your spoon (or is it the table?).

More etiquette: finger licking good.

Princess L, Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White

Not happy about taking her hair down. She never said one "ouch" while Tina was doing her hair. She had quite a lot to say when I was pulling out the bobby pins!
I can't believe my baby is FIVE YEARS OLD!


The Downing 5 said...

The girls were adorable. Thanks for the invite!

KinderSwimmer89 said...

Looks lIke it was alot of fun for abby and her friends. And Pastor Rob. Tell Abby Happy Bleated Birthday

Billy said...

She was just beautiful! I can't believe she is five now. It goes so fast!

I still think we should have stuck Ken in Rob's cake!!!

Great job on the party Babe!

palmtreefanatic said...

awww everyone looks so darn cute!
she did GREAT getting her hair done! I am so sorry to hear you had taking down troubles!

I think KED should have been made into a cake somehow too...hmmm but how? Fun Fun!

Alicia said...

she was so cute.. her and her friends.. It's neat that Rob and her share a birthday. So was the barbie doll thing actually a cake. just curious.. it's hard to believe she's five already time goes fast though when kids are growing up.

I saw that you got your adoption approved for a second child. When are you and Billy going to pick up your new buddle of joy.. just curious..