Thursday, November 06, 2008

Picture Post

Laura Olsen of In His Grace Photography took these photos of Abby at Sam and Renee's wedding last March. She is an amazing photographer; more like a photo journalist.
These first few were taken at the Ruffled Duck Inn, where the bride and her maids were getting ready. Abby was taking it all in.

These were taken at a nearby park. It was windy and cold!

During the wedding: Abby looking up at Renee, making sure she got it right. :)

After the wedding, more pictures. Abby had had enough of posed pictures at this point.

I LOVE this shot. You can just hear the breath coming out.

Being introduced at the reception is serious business.

This one is obviously not of Abby, but so cool!


Mama Lily said...

love these pictures.

palmtreefanatic said...

very precious photos!

TanyaBee said...

Linda (and Billy!), she is soooo beautiful! Just think how gorgeous Abby will be one day when SHE is the bride! ;) heehee Very cool pics! (Gotta love those red dresses, wow!).