Saturday, April 17, 2010

Edible Artwork

Coloring eggs is a favorite tradition for our family. Billy and I colored eggs before we had children(okay, it was just me). I love to make designs with the little white crayon and then dip them into different colors. I also like to leave the eggs in as long as possible to get the brightest colors.

Fortunately, my girls share my love of the dipping and the dyeing! We did two dozen eggs this year. Fun! Good thing we like deviled eggs and egg salad.

Sarah was much more gentle with her eggs this year. Last year, she threw one on the floor after Abby accidentally dropped one. She is a good follower.
Love her refrigerator art! We love going to the library every week to hear stories and do crafts.

Writing on her egg before dyeing it.
Sarah loves her Daddy!

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