Sunday, April 18, 2010

Family Time

My dad just had his 70th birthday and my mom invited several people to come for his party. My dad's brother Jim and his wife Marlys came from Kentucky and brought my dad's mom, Granny. My brother Michael and his wife Melissa and their son Woody came in from Maryland. And my sister Rachel came with her children from North Carolina. Whew!

On Friday evening, Mom had everyone over to her house for dinner. Good thing they have a big picnic table.
Abby and Uncle Michael
Rob, my Granny and a sweet lady from our church, Miss Dawn.
Hantie and Sarah
Jordan, Karen, Michael and Billy
Sarah doing her hula hoop dance.
Hannah was the most popular with the younger set of cousins.
How many can you hold at one time?
Nana and Papa with most of their grandchildren
Uncle Jim, Granny and my Daddy
Happy Birthday, Daddy! We love you.

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Rachel said...

My charming son making a charming face for a family picture!