Monday, April 19, 2010

First 10K Race

Last fall, I got antsy to start running again after taking over a year off. Billy and I talked about what kind of race I should train for and he said a 10k would be good for me. My friend Krista told me about a race she was doing at her college at the end of March. Perfect! Lots of time to train.

At the beginning of January, I got serious. I printed off a training schedule and started running. I ran a lot at our local Rec center on an indoor track. Ten times around is a mile. For two or three miles, that's ok. But one time, I ran 45 times around. Yuck. But the track was better than a treadmill.

A few times, I ran outside. In the snow. One time, my sister and I went to the rails-to-trails and it had snow drifts several feet high. It was like running on ski moguls. My knees were sore after that!

Finally the snow melted in March and I was able to run the longer miles outside.

March 27 was race day. Since the race location was three hours away, we drove down the day before. I hate sleeping in hotels but it was better than getting up super early on race day.

After a good breakfast, we gathered at the local park to sign in. It was C-C-C-COLD!! 28 degrees and then the wind made it feel colder. Good thing I had been training outside.

Me and Krista
Some of our cheering section - Krista's brother and mom. Krista's friend Jill also ran.
My biggest fan (who waited in the warm car while I ran 6.2 miles)!
Coming in for the last mile
Here comes Krista
Almost to the finish line (I'm back there by the girl in the pink shirt)
Krista finishes
A reward of fruit!

I met my goal of finishing in under an hour - 59:30. I was happy with the race, especially considering how cold it was.

Next up, a local 5k. Let's see if I can get another PR.


Rachel said...

Could you email your training schedule link? I was telling a friend about your schedule and she would like a link to it. She's been running those distances for fun and exercise but she'd like to do a 10K and wants to train.

The Downing 5 said...

Wow! you look really cold! Awesome job tho!!!