Monday, August 04, 2008


I have fond memories of blackberries from my childhood. Not fond memories of picking them. No, those memories are painful.

But the fond memories are of eating blackberry cobbler. Yummy! And the only thing that could make it better was vanilla ice cream. Heaven.

We have a few blackberry bushes beside our garage. They just started growing there one year. They used to be in the garden, but they didn't do well out there in the blazing sun all day long. So we pulled them out. And we must have thrown the plants at the back corner of the garage, because that's where they grow now. And they do so well there.

I love plants that thrive with little-to-no care from me.

See how happy they are?

A few days ago, we pulled these little beauties off the plants and made them into a cobbler. I used this recipe. I liked it because it only had five ingredients. I like low-maintenance recipes, too. And it was yummy.

Taking the first bite. Mmmm, mmm...


I think Billy only got one serving of this cobbler. Abby might have had two. And the whole thing was gone in 24 hours. Hmmm.

Good thing there are some more ripe ones out there right now. They'll have to eat faster next time.


Alicia said...

I never had blackberries but I'm sure their good.. so do you have a bush of them in your backyard of something?

piano boy said...

Send me some :)