Monday, August 18, 2008

Washy-2 DC

On August 13, Billy and I took a group from our church - mostly youth - to Washington, DC to participate in a conference with ILE and also TheCall. We had 13 people in a 15-passenger van.

We traveled nine hours that first day to stay with my brother in Maryland.

My sister-in-love babysits sometimes and so she has a crib in her guest room. Abby loved it! It was just her size.

The next morning, we ate breakfast, packed lunch and then headed to DC.

Our first stop was the Jefferson Memorial. Mr. Jefferson is very tall. And he has big shoes.

Here are some of the waterfalls at the FDR Memorial.

Here is our family with FDR's bronze dog. I do love dogs.

The Lincoln Memorial. Abby enjoyed having her picture taken with all the "Presidents."

From the top of the Lincoln Memorial, looking down towards the Washington Monument. It looks like I Photo shopped her in. But if I could do that, I would have Photo shopped the other people out!

At a restaurant with Uncle Michael and Aunt Melissa.

Thursday night and Friday was spent at a conference sponsored by International Leadership Embassy. Abby did very well with all the meetings. She sat and colored or read books. A couple of times, cousin T took her elsewhere in the building to play.

On Saturday, we participated in TheCall DC. It was a large (70,000 people) prayer and fasting day from 10AM to 10PM. It was on the Mall in front of the Capitol building. When we got there, Abby said, "Why are we at another meeting?" I told her that just like we pray every night for God to help our family, we were all there to pray for God to help our nation. She seemed OK with that explanation.

Our group was near the front beside the gravel walk-way. Abby busied herself with playing in the rocks...

...and staying in the shade! It was hot out there under the sun all day. (I wonder how much the Israelites sweat when they gathered the nation to pray in the desert.)

Abby fell asleep in the afternoon and snoozed for about three hours.

She woke up in time to pray an end to abortion. She wore her LIFE tape for a while!

When the sun finally went down, she livened up a bit and played with Uncle Michael.

With her cousins Belle and JR.

We drove home again on Sunday. Only seven hours this time. We were all glad to be home again!

If you want to see more pictures of the trip and the group that went with us, visit our Youth Blog (password protected). If you have forgotten the password, email me.

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