Monday, June 08, 2009

Dancing Debut

Abby's first ballet performance came at the end of May. The dance studio does a big production every other year and this was the "off" year. They did a "Mini Performance" where each class would showcase what they had been learning through the year. Because their studio has no room for an audience, they used a local church's gymnasium.

Abby's class is the youngest class and so they performed first. They worked with partners and learned a little dance.
Abby is very serious about her dance!
I love to watch her. She dances at home a lot, and during worship at church. Although, sometimes it turns into a running match across the front of the sanctuary with her cousin, "Little Buddy."
Abby's teacher, Mrs. Bond
Our friend, Miss Eva came and brought Abby a bouquet of flowers from her garden. Miss Eva's daughter took dance for 13 years and so she knows that every dancer needs flowers at the end of a performance. I have a lot to learn!
Abby's cousin, "JR" helps in the older ballet class with partnering. He knows how to lift the girls for different ballet moves. Cousin Daniel used to do this, too. He danced and "lifted" for six years.

And totally off topic, I am having difficulty with taking photos inside . The lighting in this building was poor and so I had to use a flash and it made big shadows behind. And some of the shots came out grainy. I am still trying to get used to the different settings on my camera. And I now have a scratch on the lens (my fault). It puts a blurry white area on some of the pictures (see Mrs. Bond's shoulder area). Outside pictures seem to be ok. Anyone have any ideas for me?


Rachel said...

How cute! I wish she and Peanut could take classes together.

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

What fun that class is!! I hope to find one for Emme in the fall like that. Love that she can see that it's ok for guys to dance too.