Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Projects

Once some of the indoor projects were nearing completion, I started on some outdoor ones. I do love to wear myself out!

We'll start off with a few pictures of what happens when Mama starts digging in the dirt... little ones get DIRTY! Can you see the dirt splotches on her face and clothes?
Her feet were filthy! I don't think those sandals will ever be the same. And they were squeaky ones!
Daddy was clearing space to install the sandbox and Abby decided to help. She has a wild hair framing her eye. Freaky.
Here's the finished box with half a bag of sand in it that I had left over from last year.
And here's Abby playing in that little bit of sand the next day. It doesn't take much to make her happy.

Funny story. For Mother's Day, I asked Billy for some hanging baskets with flowers for my porch as well as a few to put in a pot I keep on the porch stairs in the summer. When I got home later, this lovely hydrangea was sitting on the porch. I have always wanted a hydrangea. I love the big blue blossoms. So I asked Billy, where he thought we should put it. He said, "In that pot on the stairs." To give him a little credit, the pot it came in was about the same size as the one I told him about. I said, "Honey, that plant becomes 3 to 6 feet around and tall! Didn't you look at the card on the plant?" He said, "Yea! it had pretty blue flowers on it and I know you like blue!" "I meant the BACK of the card where it tells you where to plant and how big it will get?" As I read it too him, he said, "Oh, I bought work for myself."

My sister and another friend of ours helped me find a suitable spot and we planted it. I enlarged the flower/hosta bed to include it. I think it looks lovely there!
I know the porch needs a good coat or twenty of paint. I don't want to talk about it.

We also decided to let Abby have her own spot for flowers, so Billy dug out another spot next to the patio and we used some scrap railroad ties to frame it. She wanted a rainbow garden. I told her which flowers would love the sun and she picked the colors.
She chose yellow and orange marigolds, pink and purple petunias and red salvia.
My sister gave me some irises and we made another bed for that. No picture this year; they'll look better next year anyway. And I planted some pink geraniums in the front of the house.

I need to remember that every time I add another flower bed, that means more work in preparation and weeding and mulching. This stuff wears me out! But I think I already mentioned that.

And I still need some hanging baskets.


The Downing 5 said...

WOW! You have been really busy! Good Job!

Twirl Girl said...

they all look as if they are all having sooo MULCH fun!!!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! looks GREAT!!! you go got lots of help;)