Monday, June 01, 2009

Kindred Spirits

I think I may have mentioned that Sarah and Abby are two very different girls. Where Abby is quiet and restrained, Sarah is busy and boisterous.

Sarah has found a kindred spirit in her cousin "Little Buddy." They both find great glee in things that go "boom" and make loud noises. Here they are scooting across Nana's coffee table toward each other trying to see how close they can come to bonking heads.
Just before this, Sarah was standing beside the table and "Little Buddy" came running in from the other room and hooked his arm around her neck and took her down. We were all amazed how quickly he had done it and with such grace and style. Sarah actually landed on top of him.
However, he did not escape the correction of his mother who watched the whole thing and he was promptly put in time-out. Sarah was left wondering what just happened, and could it maybe happen again, please?
So, a little while later, they started playing this game of sliding.
Sarah decides to get a little more leverage on her opponent.
They are both having loads of fun!! (The teenagers in the background were tired from staying up all night with Prom activities.)
Best Buds!


Mama Lily said...

GREAT pics! :) We'll definitly have to keep a watchful eye on those two!!!

Rachel said...

Boy are my kids going to have their work cut out for them this summer.