Friday, November 20, 2009

Church Harvest Party

Our annual church Harvest Party was in October. I think it was the coldest night in October! It was supposed to snow, but thankfully it didn't. Our hay ride was canceled because the fields were too soggy. So we ate our hot chili and tried to warm up.

The kids climbed on the hay.
Then they got to ride horses in the indoor arena. Abby is riding Abby.
I wasn't sure if Sarah would want to ride given her apprehension around new things, especially large animals. But she hopped right on and away she went!
Abby's love for a good sandpile is replaced by sawdust. The kids dug in it, threw it in the air and buried themselves in it. I think they brought half of this pile home with them in their clothes! Sarah had on SEVERAL layers that night, and it was still in her diaper. Amazing.
We capped off the night warming ourselves by the fire. And a great fire it was.

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Rachel said...

How fun. I wondered if you guys had a Harvest party.