Sunday, November 22, 2009

We've Come A Long Way, Baby

It's time for the annual trampoline video shoot and subsequent blog post.

You can see the past entries of Abby here:
2005 and 2006 These are still my all-time favorites.

This year, of course we're adding Sarah in. She does love to jump on the trampoline but she gives her mother a bigger scare as she is not as careful to stay away from the edges as her older sister. No surprise there.

Abby likes to run around the edges singing "Ring Around The Rosy."

And this is what happens when "they all fall down."
Some action shots.
I don't usually let them both jump at the same time, but for the sake of pictures...
Good thing she's flying towards the middle.
Some sort of disco move?
Lots of sisterly affection.
And now for Sarah's trampoline video debut. You can really see her personality shine through when she stops jumping for a second to get rid of the leaf on the trampoline.

Abby sure has grown since the first video. It seems she's all legs now. When did that happen?

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Rachel said...

I can't believe how big they are.