Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Guess We've Started A New Tradition

My baby is SIX!!! Where has the time gone?

Abigail is a beautiful girl, inside and out. Billy and I are so proud to be her parents. She is so kind to her sister and helpful to me. She is a deep thinker and asks good questions. She loves God and I love to listen to her prayers at bedtime. I usually learn what been going on for her during the day. And she is doing well at school. Her teacher has been impressed with her handwriting, especially.

OK. All the sappy stuff is over.

On the day before her birthday, as we were all snuggling in bed together, she asked if she could have breakfast in bed for her birthday. I shrugged if off by mumbling something about it being for older people.

The next morning, I got up early (on a Saturday! I know!) and made her favorite breakfast: cereal to start, egg and toast. We were out of bread, so I toasted a hamburger bun I had in the freezer. I also gave her a little pitcher of milk (for the cereal) and a glass of orange juice.

She was so happy to be honored!
Daddy helped Sarah with her cereal in the chair across the room.
After Abby was mostly done, she let Sarah come sit by her in the bed. (Believe me, if she had been there earlier the cereal and egg would have reached the far corners of her room with that wiggle queen!)
I love this picture!! Abby's shirt says it all.
Next up, Party Pictures!

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Rachel said...

How sweet!!! And yes....hurry with the party pictures!