Monday, October 02, 2006

Cheese and Pickles

We're playing around with YouTube. Hope it works.

This is a video of Abby from last year around this time. She looks so small to me. At that time, whenever you pointed a camera at her, she wanted to look immediately at the picture. Made it a little hard to do a video of her.

The noise in the background is our dogs wrestling and growling at each other. Nice, huh?


This next video I took today. She's grown so much!

Yes, that IS a tutu over her pink camo sweatpants. She's ready for Project Runway!

And this time, no growling dogs in the background. :)


Mama Lily said...

The videos won't work for me. :(

Rachel said...

They won't for me either. :(

ShaggaBear said...

Billy fixed something. Try again!!

Mama Lily said...

the second one worked....not the first though.

Mama Lily said...

works now. :) they should be side by side to watch them together. :) she's grown SO much this last year.