Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My new best friend

I saw a video on a blog last night that prompted me to look for this video. The little girl I saw was a little older than 2 and she recited all the sounds that the letters make. It was amazing. And I thought, Abby could do that. And so I found a copy of the DVD on Amazon and purchased it today.

I think that mom should start getting kick-backs for her advertising.

While on Amazon, I looked for Angelina Ballerina products. Abby's current passion is dressing like Angelina Ballerina. (She never says just "Angelina." It's always "Angelina Ballerina.") She has been wearing a slip over her clothes that looks like a tutu and a pair of ballet slippers that my mom picked up at a garage sale this past summer. THANK YOU, MOM!!! She loves to point her toes and try to stand on one toe. She will also twirl around waving her arms like a ballerina. So cute!

So I ended up getting a DVD and a book of Angelina, too. I'm planning on saving those for her birthday. Shhh. Don't tell her. I need to make sure she doesn't read this post after learning how to read with the Letter Factory DVD. :)

I was rather pleased with my purchases. And it's even more satisfying cause I didn't have to pay for shipping. Gotta love that.

Then tonight, I looked on Ebay. There were over 600 items for Angelina - books, videos, dolls, clothes... EVERYTHING!! Why didn't I think of looking there before? I've known about Ebay for a while. Billy has purchased many an item off that site - even his car!! But now, I've found something that I'm interested in. That makes all the difference, my friend.

I didn't even bother looking at the Letter Factory stuff cause I'm sure I would have found it cheaper. Too late now.

I think Ebay will be my new best friend when it comes to shopping for birthdays and Christmas. So all the cousins birthdays that are coming up... let me know now what you're into and I'm sure I'll find something spectacular (but super cheap) on Ebay.


Mama Lily said...

Little Buddy loves his barn you gave him, and Signing Time. hmmm Puk Puk? who knows......gotta think on that one..... love the photo of Abigail Ballerina!

Rachel said...

Andrew really wants Bullseye from Toy Story...I got him Woody and Jesse. I LOVE EBAY!!! It's the bomb! :)