Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Not to be confused with Lemony Snicket.

On Saturday, Daddy and Abby were jumping on the trampoline. She likes to go around in circles as seen in this video. She got going a little too fast and fell into the springs. Good thing Daddy was right there to pick her up.

They came into the house and Abby was wailing. At first we couldn't tell right away where the damage was done, but after a few minutes, it began to show up - perfect spring indentations on her cheek and forehead. Ouch!! Poor baby!

On Sunday, during worship practice and prayer, she was dancing at the front of the sanctuary with her streamer. The floor in the sanctuary is like a school cafeteria floor, hard and slick. Twice she slipped on her streamer, but each time would get up with no cries. Then she slipped again. This time, much crying ensued.

We went over to her and along with the crying sounds we heard a crunching sound. As we looked closer, we saw that her front two teeth had big chunks missing. And she was chewing on the chunks. POOR BABY!!!! And poor Mommy: I cried on that one!

We took her to the dentist on Monday morning, and he referred us to a Pediatric Dentist about an hour away. The earliest we could get an appointment with them is November 6. So we'll be waiting for 3 weeks to find out what can be done.

I hesitate to put this picture up, but just so you know I'm not making this up...

Good thing Christmas pictures won't be taken in the next couple of weeks!


Mama Lily said...

she's still so beautiful! :) It's hard to tell in the picture..

Rachel said...

She told me last night that a lady was there and a man looked at her teeth. You can hardly tell even when she's talking to you. She's so pretty.