Monday, October 09, 2006

By the light of the Silvery Moon

I am enamored with the moon. I love to go outside and gaze, especially when it is full. As it was last Saturday night. And the harvest moon is the brightest of all.

My camera is an inexpensive digital and doesn't do it justice, but here is a picture I took of the Harvest Moon on Saturday night.

Abby loves to gaze at the night sky as well. She has several night-time books that talk about the moon. She likes to look for the "big bowl of milk."

The Chinese have a yearly Moon Festival around this time of year. They have a big party, make Moon Cakes, and tell many legends and folk tales about the moon. This festival is almost as significant as their Chinese New Year celebration.

I hope to teach Abby some of her culture and traditions in the coming years, but more importantly teach her about the God who made the moon and who made her.

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Mama Lily said...

what are moon cakes like? sounds interesting.