Thursday, October 19, 2006

Library Day

On the second and third Thursdays of the month, the Library hosts "Tiny Tots," a reading and craft time for little ones ages 1-3. Today was mine and Abby's second time to go.

Abby enjoys the story time and especially the craft time. She made a little finger spider and a pumpkin magnet. Today, they even had singing and dancing. Abby is all about dancing.

After story hour was done, I was looking for some books and videos to take home with us. Abby found Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and started playing with them. There was an empty bookshelf beside the VHS tapes and so she pretended that those were their beds. First she had to read them a story (Peter Rabbit) and then she had to sing them a song. It was so cute. She was sitting there on a library step stool rocking and singing to her babies. Loudly. I was wishing for my camera. She then put Ann on the top shelf, Andy on the second shelf, and she climbed into the bottom shelf. Good thing we were back in a corner and no one could see us. :)

While I was checking out our books, Abby found an Angelina Ballerina doll. "Mommy, can I take this home?" "No, Angelina has to stay here at the library." She was quite calm with my answer and went to put Angelina back. I was proud of her.

It was a fun morning at the library and I'm sad that it will be three weeks before we can do it again. But, her "Pip Squeaks" class at the Rec Center starts two weeks from tomorrow so we'll have that to look forward to.


Mama Lily said...

I'm sure she'll love that! You should keep your camera in your purse like I do. It is really convenient for those "moments" :)

Rachel said...

I wish I could muster the energy to haul Andrew and Joshua. I know they would love it.