Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ballet Performance

Abby just completed her first ballet performance.  The studio does a big (BIG) production every other year with all the dancers.  The younger girls only have to learn one dance, but the older girls learn multiple dances with different themes.

This year, the production included Portraits of West Side Story, The Taming of the Shrew, Jazz Medley, and Seasons in Ohio.  Abby’s class did Spring in the Seasons Dance.

She had one night of dress rehearsal and three performance nights.  We had fun, but we are glad that it is done!

Abby and Sarah before the Friday night performance.  Sarah wanted her hair in a bun just like Abby’s.with sarah

A friend from school is in a different class.  Her class did a “Barn Dance.”abby and elise

Dressing room on opening night (Thursday).backstage with me


Trying to get this many girls together for a picture was a challenge!group

All the “on stage” pictures were taken during dress rehearsal Tuesday night.abby on stage 1abby on stage5  abby on stage 2 abby on stage 3 abby on stage 4  

Abby’s cousins Jordan and Timmy danced with the older girls in the Jazz Medley and several other dances.   Jordan  Timmy After opening night.after with Timmy and Jordan


We are so proud of our little ballerina!with mommy and daddy

Nana and Papa came on Friday night to see the grandkids dance.nana and papa

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