Tuesday, June 15, 2010

May – Spring Project and Program for School

Abby’s Kindergarten teacher assigned an “out of the classroom” project for her class.  They were supposed to use recycled materials to build something they had studied this past year.  Abby decided to build the Great Wall of China using egg cartons.

Teaching her the finer points of using a glue gun. Next comes painting.

The finished project.

Not to be outdone by her sister, Sarah also painted some cardboard for her project. I think it looks great!sarah's project

All the children in the school did projects, too and they presented them at the Spring Program.  The students did a musical play titled, “Character Matters.” 

Welcome to the weekly meeting of the Fairy Tale Advice Council.
Led by Rapunzel, a Handsome Prince, and a (recovering) Wicked Witch, the council offers help in character building to famous folk creatures. In this fun and non-preachy show, the Big Bad Wolf learns the Golden Rule, Cinderella gets help in managing her anger at her bullying stepsisters, and Jack and the Giant discover that their differences are cool. Will Humpty Dumpty take responsibility for his fall? Can Baby Bear forgive Goldilocks (and will Goldilocks apologize, or just take the porridge and run)?

The kindergarten class were the mice for Cinderella.  My sister and I made all the mouse hats just like the one Abby wore for her Nursery Rhyme day at pre-school last year. character matters

Then each class presented something of what they have been learning this past year.  Abby’s class sang geography songs. geography songs

Here is Abby in her classroom ready to talk about her project.project in class

Abby and her teacher. mrs crawford and abby

Sarah also loves Abby’s teacher and gave her a big hug every morning I took Abby to school.  She’ll have to wait a couple of years, though, before she is in the K class. mrs crawford and sarah

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