Friday, June 18, 2010

Pink Up The Pace 5K

May 22 was Karen and Billy’s first 5k. They had been training for several weeks.  Rob, Timmy and I decided to join them in the race.  The race was sponsored and coordinated by a couple of high school students doing their senior project to raise money for breast cancer research.

The day started out cloudy with a chance of rain.

Me and my sis, ready to start!me and karen

We finally convinced Billy to wear the race shirt because it would be the last time he would ever wear pink in public.2 group

“And they’re off!”  Rob is in the front of the pack – having been the only one to have an energy drink before starting the race!3 rob run

Here comes me and Timmy.  I’m already shedding the jacket for our fan club to pick up. 4 me and timmy

And here is Billy and Karen coming up the first hill. 5 billy and karen

While we were in the woods, it started raining.  Hard!  Here is Rob coming out of the woods.6 rob rain

  Here I am, soaked. Timmy had already left me behind. 7 me rain

At the end.  I was glad I wore the hat as it kept my glasses dry for a while, but even that wasn’t enough.  My shoes were flooded and each step was “squish, squish!”8 me after

Timmy beat me.  This time.  He said it was his Kentucky redemption (I beat him in a race there).  But he IS bigger and stronger than he was over a year and a half ago.9 me after

My girlies were soaked, too!  And one of them was ready to go home and get warm and the other one was ready to play some more.  I’ll let you guess which one was which.10 abby and sarah

All of us at the end!  Wet, wet, wet!11 group after

All that rain left some great big puddles to play in.  FUN!12 puddles

That afternoon was sunny and pleasant.  How nice.


Billy said...

Great day but man was it wet! I actually wore the pink shirt!

Rachel said...

Wish we could have been there!