Saturday, June 19, 2010

EAC Reunion at the Cleveland Zoo

Time for the annual trip to the zoo to see the animals and our China travel buddies.

Here is our family picture on the wolf.  We do this every year.wolf family

Here we are in 2007.  Abby was three and a half.2007 family

Checking out the wildlife. sarahabby These are our friends from our most recent trip to China: Mary, Maisie and Scott.scott and mary This is Abby and Faith. They are from the same province in China and are about one month apart in age.abby and faith We traveled with Faith's parents in 2004. They adopted Hope in the fall of 2008 from the same province as Sarah. Hope and Sarah are both the same age. How cool is that? two families Uncle Zhou - we love our Uncle Zhou. He keeps us sane in China! with uncle zhou The girls got to go on a camel ride. It was Sarah's first. I think she liked it, but it was much too short.camel ride Here is one of the cool painted dinosaurs they had throughout the zoo.painted dino In the petting zoo.petting pony

Wish we could have visited longer with our friends.  Once a year is not enough!  At least there is Facebook!

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