Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Have you wondered where I've been???

I can't believe that Christmas is less than a week away. Where has the past few weeks gone???

Last week (Tuesday) we had our Ladies Christmas party for the girls at church. It was fun. We exchanged gifts and I ended up with some cozy, fuzzy pink socks. And a little bag that Abby has claimed as her own. We also spent some time encouraging one another. Oh yeah, and the food was good, too.

When I got home that night, Abby had a fever of 103. Poor thing. Some of her cousins had been sick the previous weekend and now she was getting her share of the virus. Thankfully, all that accompanied the fever was a runny nose. Nothing else has been runny. Thank you, Lord!! She still had a fever Wednesday evening and had to miss Rainbows at church. She was devestated! She kept telling me, "Mommy, I feel better. Can I go to Rainbows?" I felt so bad for her.

She was feeling much better by Thursday evening.

Friday morning, Billy got a couple of cavities filled at the dentist. And I was watching Mama Lily's kiddos while she had her dental consultation.

That afternoon, Abby had her 3-year check-up at the Pediatrician's office. She officially weighs 27 pounds and is 35 and 3/4 inches tall. That puts her in the 10% for weight and 25% for height. Mom told me later that Rachel was 36 inches when she turned 2. I think that Abby will be one of the shorter ones in the family. Which is another reason why we want to adopt again from China - so that Abby will have someone like her in the family.

Friday evening was the cousins' piano recital. They all did very well. Abby stood in the isle and did little dances to the jazzy piano tunes. Good thing we were sitting in the back. I can't wait to get her into a dance class of some sort. I know she'll love it.

Saturday morning was Puk Puk's birthday party. And that afternoon was Children's Choir practice. I have been practicing a couple of songs with the kids at church so they can perform at the annual Christmas Dinner.

Children's ChoirSunday night was the dinner. For the past five years, we have also had a Variety Show as the entertainment portion of the evening. Each year, members of the congregation share their talent in the form of singing, reading poetry, skits, etc. It is always quite entertaining. This year was no exception. I was proud of the children's choir. They did great. And the youth group's skit stole the show.

Monday was the day to recover from all this flurry of activites.

Wednesday evening, Billy and I are going to the Cleveland Orchestra to hear the Christmas portions of Handel's Messiah. I am so excited! We were able to get half-price tickets through Billy's employer.

We still have one more Christmas party - Thursday night for the Youth Group. That should be the most fun party of the season. Those kids are hilarious! We enjoy being with them. I'm sure I'll have hi-lites for you on Friday.


Mama Lily said...

I totally forgot to add in about the Christmas party. Great update. :) Abby is the only one without red eyes.

palmtreefanatic said...

Good observation mama lilly....how odd Abby IS the only one with redless eyes:)
I loved the party for church sunday night as I always do...the youth def. stole the show! I will be anxious to hear about the youth party:)

Anonymous said...

We are wondering where you are again!!