Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Star of Bethlehem

I love this little ornament. It is not flashy. It is small and simple. I love the contrast of the blue star and the white figures.

Another reason that I like it so well is because it was given to me by my "other set of parents" growing up - Jerry and Dora Ann. They are very special people to our family. Our families would get together for almost every holiday on the calendar and birthdays as well. I loved to sit on Jerry's lap. And Dora Ann made great brownies. They had converted their garage into a Christian Bookstore and we would wander around looking for treasures. This ornament was one such treasure.

Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus
Click on the image to view larger.


Mama Lily said...

I've always liked that one as well. I never knew you got it at PTL store though. funny

Rachel said...

Neat. That was always one of my favorites but I didn't know it was yours or where it came from!