Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Two Hearts

Today's Christmas ornaments are hearts. And they're both international.

I can hear a collective, "Oooooooooooo." :)

This first one is from my brother. He bought it while he was stationed in Germany. I love the way the light reflects on it, and that it is so delicate.
Glass Heart

This next heart was purchased on our trip to China. We visited a Cloisonne factory in Beijing. It is fascinating how this process works - so many steps and it is all handmade. We bought several ornaments while we were there. We gave them away as gifts but I kept this one for us because, well, it's a heart. :) And it has a pretty pink rose on it.
Cloisonne Heart


Mama Lily said...

love em both! The ornament Michael got me in Germany broke. It was so tiny, it just didn't make it. :(

Rachel said...

I've always loved the one from Germany. My one that you brought back from China is now one of my favorites. bra