Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Adventures in Cleaning...

... with Abby and Mommy.

subtitle: How To Get Wet Three Times- Nay, Four Times In One Day

It started with washing dishes. One shirt: both sleeves- completely soaked to the shoulders. Take that shirt off and put on a dry one.

Next is cleaning the bathroom sink. New shirt: tummy- completely soaked and dripping.

Put both shirts in the dryer with the towels already in there. Now we're shirtless for the next task. We should be good, right? Wrong!

Next is mopping bathroom floor. She backs into the bucket, nearly sitting in it, spilling its entire contents on the floor. One pair of jeans: completely soaked and dripping! (Plus the two towels used in mopping up the water.)

New pair of jeans. Pull the first shirt out of the dryer and put that back on.

Off to the cousins' Cross Country meet.

And then it rains.

Oh, well. Now it's time for PJs. Hopefully they can stay dry all night. :)


Mama Lily said...

Too funny! :) Ah the joys.

Big Mama said...

Did you ever know that one person could go through so many clothes in a day?