Thursday, September 21, 2006

Ode to a winter appliance

Fall is here! Time to get out the sweaters and the heated mattress pad!

I love my heated mattress cover. I sing its praises all winter long. I've even bought a couple to give as gifts. I love to spread the warmth. :)

My love of said cover began when we bought our current house. It is over 130 years old. There are no heating ducts to the second floor (except the bathroom, thank the Lord). Our bedroom is over the dining room and there is a hole in our floor covered by a nice heating grate. The hot air from the downstairs is supposed to rise to the second floor through this grate. Hmmm. When it's 32 or colder outside, that air has a hard time staying warm downstairs, let alone making it's way up through that hole. And the air outside in Northern Ohio stays around 32 for several months of the year. Brrrr!

So, that first winter, we bought the Rest Warmer Automatice Mattress Pad by Chatham. For the queen and king sizes, they have dual controls. Yeah! Cause you know that hubby and I never have the same internal thermostat readings.

An hour or so before bed, I turn it on high and then when it's time for bed, it is all toasty warm. Put a down comforter on the bed and it's like a little oven. Toasty!

I have been known to forget to turn it off (or down) before I fall asleep. That was not a pleasant sleeping experience. More like a sauna. Not good.

I think we took it off the bed last April. Should I wait til October to put it on again? It just seems like it should have more time off.

Then again, it was in the forties when I woke up this morning.

I guess this was more "prose" than "ode." Oh well, you get the picture.


Mama Lily said...

funny....just put mine on the bed tonight! :)

Rachel said...

That's hilarious. It's not quite so cold down here. I have the world's greatest sisters. I miss you.