Monday, September 11, 2006

I Remember

I didn't really want to, though.

In the days leading up to this 5 year anniversary, I tried not to think about it. In previous years, I would remember breifly and then go on my way.

Last night, I watched the documentary on CBS that a couple of guys did on the firefighters. The cameramen were actually in Tower 1 as the firefighters were doing their work. I wept as I watched and listened to the horror.

In my mind, I can imagine the evil that wants to do harm to one or two people. I've seen it enough times. I cannot, however, imagine the evil that wants to harm as many as possible in one act of terror. I can't fit it in my brain.

I don't really want to remember the terror of it. I want to remember what happened next. Everyone praying and coming together for one cause - defending freedom.

Those on Flight 93 defended freedom in a way that no one else on that day was able to do. They stopped a further act of terror. Those brave men and women on that plane rose up together and said, "Not on my watch!!" They died defending freedom. As much as the soldiers and the firefighters did.

A friend sent me this link to a song by Diamond Rio. It hasn't gotten a lot of radio air time because the words are politically incorrect. Listen and see what you think. In God We Still Trust

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Mama Lily said...

AWESOME song. wow. Billy needs to sing that one at church for FF sometime! :) great post.