Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tackle-It Tuesday

It is 8:45 am and among other things on my "To Do" list is this:

Clean off these desks!!

Check back later (much later) to see how the "tackling" went.

Now it's 3:00 pm and here's the results:

Yeah! I got it done!

Now, I do have some filing to do, but at least I have a clear work space.

Just so you know, it was imperative that I clean this off and find all my receipts. Last week, I didn't enter my receipts into the checkbook and I got an overdraft charge from the bank.

"NO," you say. "Not Shagga!"

Yes, me! So it was mighty important to clean off and balance the checkbook so that won't happen again.

And it's done.

Maybe next week I'll tackle the office closet. Hmmm.


Mama Lily said...

you were certainly making progress while I was there!! Are you done yet? I need to do that myself!

Rachel said...

WOW...so you are human. :) You are still a model to us anyway. You are the best!!

Mama Lily said...