Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Fruit of our Labor

Last Friday was canning day. Mama Lily brought some of her youngins over and we canned tomato sauce.

It's a process: picking tomatoes from our garden, washing, cutting, juicing, and then cooking it down. I was sure glad the boys were here to do all the churning of the juicer. They did an awesome job. We got 10 quarts of sauce out of all that work. Yeah! And there's more tomatoes in the garden ripening as I type. So pretty soon we'll be turning that crank again. Or, maybe we'll make salsa.

We did figure out that it's not really cost effective to "can" our own sauce. Tomato sauce is so cheap in the store. However, I like the taste and the feeling I get when I use the sauce in a recipe: Mmmm, homemade! I guess I like the whole process of planting, (not the weeding), harvesting, and being in the kitchen with people I love and that's why we put out so many tomato plants, 31 this year. There's nothing like working together to bring a family closer.

So that's it, love makes tomato sauce taste better. I guess it makes everything taste better. Love is, after all, a FRUIT of the Spirit.

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Mama Lily said...

love and memories! Even though I dread it, it's not so bad while we're doing it.......except that it's TOMATOES! love the sauce though. Great stuff.