Wednesday, November 29, 2006

And So To Milk This Birthday For All It's Worth...

Last night, we went over to help celebrate Uncle Rob's birthday. A good excuse to go eat some cake!!

And there was another present for Abby. I should have known what it was, but I had forgotten. I'm like that about presents. I'll know what I'm getting - even pick it out and purchase it myself - and then totally forget what it is (or even that I knew once) when I see the wrapped package.

But I digress...

Abby has been very impressed with her cousin Belle during her fall sports of soccer and cross country. Belle taught her the number 2 because that's her soccer number. So now, Abby will pretend and say, "I have a number 2 on my back! Say, 'Go, Abby!'" And then she'll take off running saying something about her "Country Meet."

So I thought it would be cool if Belle got her a real shirt that had a 2 on it. And so Uncle Rob asked his soccer shirt supplier if he could make one up for Abby. And he came through.

When Abby opened the present, there was a cute little pink shirt with a 2 on the back! She tried it on over the tutu she was wearing. Belle convinced her to take the tutu off so she could practice soccer and running. So off came the tutu. Belle and Abby ran and ran! Then Abby was awarded with her card that had a 2 on it - just like Belle's in the NOL meet! (See picture of Belle at the end of this post.)

"Go, Abby!"

Soccer Dream


Mama Lily said...

gotta do what we can!! :)

Rachel said...

Belle might just get her way yet.