Monday, November 06, 2006

All Better Now

You'll remember from this post that Abby had chipped her two front teeth.

Today was the day for her appointment with the Pediatric Dentist. Our dentist here recommended a Pediatric Dentist in another town because he was not equipped to handle such a young child. We had to drive for over an hour to get there. But it was worth it!

Let me back-up just a little and say that during a visit to the Library, I happened to see a book about going to the dentist. This book was sent by God to us! It showed pictures of all the instruments in the dentist's office and the chair, etc. We checked it out and Abby enjoyed reading the book and looking at the pictures for the next two weeks.

Fast forward to today. When we got in the exam room, Abby was a little nervous, but the Dentist started talking to her and she warmed up to him. She got to sit in her little dentist chair and take a ride up and then he laid her back. She did so good with him examining her that he said, "Let's just go ahead and take care of this now."

Billy and I were all for that!! We did NOT want to have to come back another day.

Abby sat there so still and I held her hands while he worked on her teeth. I think I was more nervous than she was! He was done in about 10 minutes!! Wow! Dentistry has come a long way since I was her age!

Her new teeth (caps) are beautiful! We are so happy!!

blue light sets the new cap

flossing around the new tooth

Look at those Pearly Whites!


Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! I enjoyed reading yours...Your daughter is just GORGEOUS! I am hoping that you will eventually post your journey to Abbey ~ would love to hear about it!

Mama Lily said...

so glad she's all better now. What a little trooper! :)

palmtreefanatic said...

Fabulous! So glad that venture is over with for you all!!!Yeah Abby!

Rachel said...

WOW!! Abby is so brave. What a lovely smile. Hopefully this will help her to not be afraid of the dentist. She is just going to LOVE the present I got her today for her birthday. :D