Thursday, November 02, 2006

Good-bye High-Chair

My baby is growing up. Sniff. Sniff.

Most people's baby's start out in infant car seats and need to be held when feeding time comes.

For me, my baby started out in a regular car seat and sat in a high-chair for meals.

I was so excited when we got our high-chair for our baby shower. Billy had a "fun" time putting it together and we imagined our little one sitting in it.

When we came home from China, we put her in the high-chair and she was right at home. I took a lot of pictures of her in it, I think because she was in a stationary place and couldn't get away when I pointed the camera at her.

She ate her First Birthday Cake in that chair. She learned what foods she liked and didn't like. She went from using her fingers to using a fork and spoon. And here lately, she even wanted to use a knife - kid size, of course.

When she discovered markers, I would put her in the chair to use them, so I could keep an eye on her. Then she graduated to paints and eventually scissors. That chair kept her safe and the rest of the kitchen safe from her experiments.

The puppies love her high-chair, too. They listen for the sound of "are you finished?" and then they come running to clean out the seat and the floor around it. Sometimes they even clean off the tray when I'm out of the room.

So, I was very sad when Abby said she no longer wanted to sit in the high-chair and would prefer to sit at the kitchen island like a big girl. Yesterday, I cleaned it up one last time and took it to the attic where it will have to wait another year or so before being used again. I hope it doesn't get loney up there.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of Abby in the high-chair over the past couple of years. (Yes, she even fell asleep in it one time.)

Fun in the High-Chair


Mama Lily said...

ahhhh! sniff sniff. those pictures are so sweet! It's amazing how fast she has grown into such a big girl! Hopefully the time will pass quickly until you can retrieve the high chair from the attic!

Rachel said...

My attic has two high chairs. I don't think they get lonely, I think they rest for the one who's coming. That way they (the high chair) don't get to worn out. She's such a sweetie.