Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birthday Party

Abby had a great time at her birthday party on Saturday.

As the guests were arriving with presents, I told her she couldn't open them until everyone was there. So she kept asking me, "Is everyone here?" She was so excited.

As she was opening her gifts, she wanted to try them each out. The first gift was from my mom. It was a "Learn to Ballet" kit complete with a ballet bar and two instructional videos. I did tell her she had to wait a while to play the DVDs.

She got three new Ballet outfits, as you can see in the pictures, and she tried them all on during the course of the party.

I had really wanted my Aunt Linda to make the cake and it just so happened that my sister was there last week for a visit and brought the cake back with her. It was beautiful!! (One of my dogs sampled the cake while it was unattended in the kitchen - but not too much.)

It was definitely a "girl" party. Lots of pink, purple, and princess paraphernalia. One of her boy cousins was confused as she was opening the gifts. "Where's the cars and trucks?" Even Belle was a little disappointed with all the frills, "My soccer dream for her is getting farther and farther away."

But who knows what next year will bring. Maybe she'll turn out to be a "sporty" or maybe she'll be my dancer. Only God knows. I'm just happy that she's enjoying life and following her three-year-old dreams.

She is definitely our Little Princess!

Birthday Party Pictures


palmtreefanatic said...

Looks like a fun time! I'm glad you have a girly girl...I missed out on that with my daughter defending her own in between 2 boys. The cake was awesome! thanks again!

Mama Lily said...

So glad our darling princess had a wonderful time! The pictures are lovely. It's good she had a sense of what she wants, even at an early age. LOVE HER!!

Rachel said...

I saw her at Nana's yesterday with her outfit on. I'm so glad she likes it even though it isn't pink or purple. She's such a sweetie. Aria will have to take girlie lessons since she has truck loving brothers. :)