Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beauty and the Beast

The local High School put on the musical production of Beauty and the Beast. We went to the show on Friday night. It was fabulous! Those kids really did a great job! There is some amazing talent in this town. And the costumes were quite creative, as well.

On Saturday morning, they had a pancake breakfast where you could meet the characters and take pictures. Daddy took Abby so she could meet Belle and her friends. He said she loved it, but was a little overwhelmed at all of it. But the characters were very nice and got down on her level (as much as possible). She also has a little autograph book that they all signed.

Belle with her fancy dress on!

The Beast


Mrs. Potts and Chip


Abby was a little leary having her picture taken with Gaston and Lefou

The Silly Girls (who are in love with Gaston)

All together

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