Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break Where It Actually Is Spring

It was a full day... and I'm beat. So, here's a few pictures of today's hi-lights.

We're staying in Oxford which is right on Chesapeake Bay. It is pretty much surrounded by water. It is a quaint little town with antique stores, old houses and churches. This picture was taken right behind the church where Sam and Renee are getting married.

Practicing for the big day with the Ring guy.

The Bride and the Flower Girl. I overheard Abby say, "I wish I was getting married." We really do need to curb the enthusiasm there.

And, LOOK! It's spring here. How awesome is that? I think someone said it was 80 degrees today. Abby has been wanting spring for several weeks. When I mentioned to her that we "traveled to spring," she said, "Yeah!" I said we would have to go back to winter, she said, "Why?" I don't know, maybe we'll stay. I like the view from here!

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palmtreefanatic said...

how lovely it IS there!
Enjoy it!