Thursday, March 27, 2008

Road Trip!

Surprise! We're in Maryland. We left on Wednesday afternoon and traveled to "Grandmother's" and then came the rest of the way to Uncle Michael's today. Our dogs are in excellent care with niece Belle. Thank you, dearie!

Abby is going to be a Flower Girl in my nephew's wedding. She is super excited. If it involves dressing up and going to a party, she's in heaven! You can bet we'll be taking (and I'll be posting) lots of photos.

Abby got to meet cousin Marlene at Grandmother's house. I think Cinderella looks great with a cowgirl hat on!

Keeping Abby entertained in the car so we could listen to our Dave Ramsey lesson (we're missing a class at home).

Grandmother is doing the wedding cake, of course, and her precious cargo was in the back of her van.

We're actually staying at a beautiful B&B in Oxford called the Ruffled Duck Inn. It's so nice.

More to come...

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Elizabeth said...

Hope you enjoy your 'SPRING" break in Maryland! :)

So, another Dave Ramsey conversion! We are in the classes too and I really love what he is having us do, even the painful part of not using my credit card!!

Anyway, Happy Spring!